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Backup and sync using SeriesGuide Cloud or Trakt

You can backup and sync using either SeriesGuide Cloud or Trakt. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Which one you want to use depends on the devices and apps you use.

SeriesGuide Cloud

Works best if you only use SeriesGuide on your devices. It supports backing up and syncing all SeriesGuide data:

  • Sync
    • Shows
    • Lists
    • Movies


Works best if you use other apps connected to Trakt (for example apps on iOS or a media center) or the Trakt website. It supports:

  • Sync
    • Shows (excluding favorite/hidden state, skipped state)
    • Movies (watchlist, collection, watched)
  • Display your and friends Trakt viewing history.
  • Check-in (episodes and movies).
  • Post comments.
  • Rate shows, episodes and movies.

Note Unlike with Cloud, shows are not added automatically and the Lists section is not synced. But you can quickly access your Trakt show watchlist and watched and collected shows.

Check-Ins are submitted immediately to Trakt. But only with the next sync are checked-in episodes and movies marked as watched within SeriesGuide.


To connect to either service:

  1. In the bottom bar, tap More .
  2. Tap either SeriesGuide Cloud or Trakt.
  3. Tap the sign in or connect button and complete the sign-in process.

Note You can be connected to both SeriesGuide Cloud and Trakt at the same time. Setting watched and collected, commenting, rating and more will still be sent to Trakt. However, check-in and sync with Trakt will be disabled. Changes on the Trakt website or other apps connected to Trakt will not download.

Note You can always change your mind! First, disconnect both SeriesGuide Cloud and Trakt. Then, sign into only one of them. The data on your device will be merged with the existing data on the service.