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Show, episode or movie data is outdated or missing

ℹ️ On OnePlus OxygenOS 12 syncing fails if your device has less than 10% free storage.

ℹ️ Show and movie data is loaded from the user-created database at The contributors there are typically quick to update things. If not, consider to help out.

ℹ️ Access to the services SeriesGuide uses might be (temporarily) blocked in your region, for example because your internet connection has issues or your internet provider is blocking access. Try checking the forum for other affected users.

Regardless, here are some things to check and try:

Check Sync & Update setting

Tap More menu, then Settings and check if Sync & Update is enabled.

Check device Accounts sync setting

Open the Settings app of your device. Find and open the Accounts settings and check that Auto-sync data is enabled. You should also see a SeriesGuide Sync account there.

Check device power saving settings

SeriesGuide might not be able to update in the background because of battery use optimization settings. Try to exclude SeriesGuide from battery use optimizations.

Last resort: remove and add the show again

If a show does not update, as a last resort, remove the show and add it again.