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The release time of a show or episode is wrong

ℹ️ The show/episode release times are restricted to the original release in the country of origin.

If you want local listings and listings of re-broadcasts, please look for a suitable TV guide offering in your region.

If the release country is known, SeriesGuide assumes the release time is in a time zone of this country (for example Eastern Time for US shows, British Time for British shows, Central European Time for German shows, ...). Then it is converted to your device time zone.

If the release country is not known, SeriesGuide will assume the country to be the United States of America.

You can view the country in the detailed show information.

ℹ️ If your device is set to a US mainland time zone, SeriesGuide will automatically adjust the release time (for example one hour earlier in Central Time).

If the displayed country is not correct it can be changed at the data source.

If the country is correct, but you believe the release time is incorrectly converted in SeriesGuide, please send a message.